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Get your hands on my easy-to-follow, complete chicken coop plans for building your very own great looking chicken coop today...

What Makes My Chicken Coop Plans So Unique...?

Easy To Follow: All my plans are designed to be super simple to follow along. You get clear step by step instructions on every step of the process.

Everything You Need: Absolutely everything you need to get started and finished is in one place. You get designs for 10 amazing chicken coops....100 pages worth of instructions....349 step by step illustrations...a complete list of materials and tools needed.

Plans For Any Size Of Coop: Planning on keeping 5 chickens or 100? I’ve got you covered! You will find the perfect coop in my plans.

Fast No fuss Assembly: All the plans are laid out to make assembly as quick and easy as possible

No Special Tools Required: No special tools or materials are required to build from my chicken plans.

And so much more: You don’t just get the plans; we cover every angle of building a coop so you have thriving flock of birds producing delicious eggs and meat every day. We cover all of the following: Working out dimensions, materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, positioning, nesting, perches, waste collection and protection from the elements and predators.

We redesigned the roofline to cover the nests. Added the chicken door out of the run. Installed roosts on hinges so they could be easily lifted your cleaning.

The addition of a chicken electric fence made it all work very well. The chickens are happy and so are we."

Jerry NeSmith

From: John White, KY - the heart of chicken country!


If you’re anything like me, you’re as excited as a young buck in mating season right now about the prospect of raising your own chickens in your own coop... that you built yourself.

You love the self reliance that raising chickens gives you.

I hear ya!!

Only trouble is...

It Can Be Confusing As Hell Getting The Right Info On How To Build Your Own Coop...Not Any More...

Maybe you’ve trawled the net looking for plans on how to put your own coop together. One person says do it this way...Another one says do something else.

There’s so much to take in and it’s tough to know which coop is right for your needs.

Just a quick warning...

Most of the chicken coop plans you find online are put out there by internet marketing companies who know nothing about chickens. Hell-they wouldn’t know a Rooster from a hen.

And more:

If you get the wrong type of coop it can cost you dearly.

I’m serious.

You can end of up dead birds, a diseased hutch, -a complete disaster.

The Day My Whole Flock Died

I remember it like yesterday.

It was just another lazy Kentucky morning...and I was heading out to feed my chickens. Something was not quite right that day though.

There was no noise coming from the hen house. Not a sound.

And that’s when saw it. Something I’ll never forget...The chickens I had spent months rearing, all scatted around on the dirt. Some with their heads missing....Some torn to pieces.

I was stunned...Shocked...Depressed...completely disheartened.

I had no clue what happened. All the hard work and effort I put in was down the drain. All the time spent building that coop and tending to those birds had all been for nothing.

Long story short: I had built a chicken coop with 2 crucial flaws that made it easy for predators to get in.

The result was... CARNAGE!!

So what happened next?

From that day on I was determined to get things right the next time. To build an amazing coop that would never let me down again.

After 7 months of research, reviewing hundreds of designs, I finally picked another chicken coop plan and went to work. ...Determined never to make the same mistakes as before.

Today I have a rock solid chicken coop that keeps my hens happy and predators like snakes, raccoons, and foxes-at bay.

Not only that:

I learned a ton of invaluable information on different chicken coops. After months and months of research I learned what works what doesn’t...I found 10 top chicken coop plans that worked the best.

They were the highest quality and the easiest and fastest to build.

I’ve now decided to share these designs with other people so they would never experience what happened to me or any other problems poor quality chicken coop plans can lead to.

And so, DIY Chicken Coops were born

DIY Chicken Coops is an instantly downloadable guide you can use to build your won chicken coop. Here's everything you'll find inside this invaluable guide:

  • 10 complete chicken coop plans. Everything you need to build a great looking chicken coop (all different sizes of coop included). Absolutely Nothing Left Out!
  • 100 pages of tips and building basics
  • 349 step by step, easy to follow illustrations

Also included in the book:

  • No sweat, no brainer ways of having enough space to run a great coop.
  • Just starting off? Don’t worry. The entire chicken coop process is covered here from how to manage water, heating and odors and space.
  • The sure way to get all the prep work done right before you get started. Covers everything from having the right tools, constructions site, wood, paint and safety precautions.

You Can Build ANY Of These AMAZING Coops

Poultry Shack & The Chicken HutThe Cluck Carrier & Poultry FarmerThe Wheeler & The Olde ShackThe Chicken Fun Run & The Mul-T CoopThe Chicken Condo & The Gambrel Poultry Shed

Normal Price: $29.95 - Yours Today for ONLY: $19.95 (That's 33% OFF!)

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Here's an extract of what you'll find inside

  • Page 20: The ideal coop for the beginner. You can build this one for less than $100. Not only is it cheap-it looks fantastic.
  • Page 40: Do you have one to five chickens and are looking for a really convenient chicken coop to build and maintain? Check out the ‘Cluck Carrier’ on page 40.
  • Page 50: ‘The old shack’: if you’re looking for easy clean up and transportation where your chickens will be able to wonder freely...Check out the ‘old shack’ on page 50.
  • Page 70: ‘The Mobile Coop’ Perfect if you have 5 chickens plus and when you want to move the coop easily to different locations.
  • Page 88: ‘The Chicken Hut’: this coop is designed to fill every need of your poultry. Easy access, easy cleaning, will let your chickens roam about.
  • Page 112: ‘The Gambrel Poultry Shed’: this one is perfect if you have advanced level carpentry skills. If you were to buy this coop it would cost you around $5000. You can put it together with my plans for less the $1000.
  • Page 139: ‘The Poultry Condo’: the crystal-clear windows of this condo design give your hens maximum comfort and you can see them at a glance. You also get quick, easy access to eggs and the spacious attached run gives your chickens room to roam freely.
  • Page 148: ‘The Poultry farmer’: this one holds up to 50 plus chickens. Clever design reduces labour and cleanup time. Plus you get large doors that allows for spacious entry and exit. It costs $5000 as a kit but you can build it from the plans for less the $1000.
  • Plus so much more...

You also get 13 pages of invaluable instructions on how to create a thriving chicken coop like:

  • No sweat, no brainer ways of having enough space to run a great coop
  • Just starting off? Don't worry. The entire chicken coop process is covered here from how to manage the water, heating and odors as well as space
  • The sure way to get all the prep work done right before you get started. Covers everything from having the right tools, construction site, wood, paint and safety precautions.

But John: Are these plans complicated? Absolutely not! These plans are designed to be quick and easy to follow. You’ll be amazed at how easy you can build your coop with them.

Normal Price: $29.95 - Yours Today for ONLY: $19.95 (That's 33% OFF!)

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Everything You Need To Build An Amazing Coop In One Simple Handbook

Absolutely everything you need to know about building the perfect coop for your needs is inside DIY Chicken Coops.

You will not need help from any other guide. You will not be left scratching your head wondering about any part of the process of building your coop.

You Can Build Any Size of Coop You want With DIY Chicken Coops!

No matter what size of coop you are looking for - DIY Chicken Coops has got you covered. Whether you want a simple ‘A frame’ coop to house 3-5 chickens or you want a coop to house 50-100 chickens...you will find the plan to make it happen.

Even A Chimpanzee Could Build A Coop With These Plans

No matter what your level of DIY experience, you can easily make yourself the ideal coop to suit your needs. These plans have been used by people with little or no knowledge of DIY to construct sturdy, spacious, well put together coops...many times.

You Cannot Get These Plans Elsewhere

Nowhere else will you find plans that are so easy, quick and affordable to use. You could of course trawl through Google for months looking...but ask yourself this....

How much would all those hours of your time be worth? I spent hundreds of hours going through Google to come up with the best plans out there, so you don’t have to.

Just Imagine What Your Life Could Look Like In Just a Few Short Weeks From Now

You have a fantastic looking coop you see every morning. You get up, go out and collect all the eggs you could ever want. You also have a fresh meat supply right there in your back yard.

Perhaps the best thing of is that feeling of freedom and independence that comes from being self reliant. A chicken coop delivers this feeling like nothing else.

Not to mention the pride you feel for a job well done and the feeling of being able to support yourself and your family.

How Much?

Ok - here’s the deal.

You can instantly download DIY Chicken Coops today complete with:

  • 10 complete chicken coop plans
  • 100 pages of tips and building basics
  • 349 step-by-step, easy to follow illustrations

You can have all of this for just $29.95!

That’s a lot less than the cost of building your own coop. And a lot less hassle and heartache than working with poor quality plans.Remember most folks selling plans out there don’t know one end of a chicken from the other, or they have never even seen a live chicken in their lives.

But Wait There's More! Order your copy today and get these Fast Action Bonuses worth $92 absolutely FREE...

BONUS #1: Chicken Breed Guide

(Normal sales price $17 - yours FREE!)

  • 11 factors YOU absolutely need to consider when choosing a chicken breed for your flock if you want to have a successful coop.
  • In depth analysis of 18 of the most desirable chicken breeds...broken down by categories like size, productivity, colour, climate tolerance and personality type.
  • The chicken which is called the “teddy bear” of the chicken world...hardy yet sweet and a great egg layer. If YOU want exceptional egg laying ability this is the one for you.
  • The chicken that is considered to be one of hardiest out there with extreme resistance to heat and cold. This bird can survive in the world on its own. Perfect if you’re looking for a tough bird with moderate egg production.

BONUS #2: Selling Your Excess Eggs

(Normal sales price $27 - yours FREE!)

  • The 11 high-demand sources for home-grown chicken and eggs in YOUR area… and how you can identify them
  • How to take care of the legal and licensing requirements in your area (Most states allow chickens and eggs to be sold directly from your farm.)
  • How to sell chicken coops and accessories for profit
  • My NO-SALE script for securing your first few “customers” --- I hesitate to call them “customers” because you’ll not even be doing any selling at all! Instead, you just need to do this action (which you’ve probably done hundreds of times before) with a simple twist…

BONUS #3: Common Chicken Diseases

(Normal sales price $29 - yours FREE!)

  • Discover how to spot 17 of the most common chicken diseases in your flock.
  • Having this guide could literally save the life of your flock as you will be able to spot early warning signs of trouble.

BONUS #4: Starter Guide to Raising Chickens

(Normal sales price $19 - yours FREE!)

This guide covers everything you need to know about raising chickens from:

  • Checking regulations
  • What type of coop suits your needs best
  • Feeding tips
  • How to stop local predators
  • and much more...

Normal Price: $29.95 - Yours Today for ONLY: $19.95 (That's 33% OFF!)

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Here’s the deal…I’m so confident that you’re going to absolute LOVE my plans and guides that I’m willing to let you try it absolutely risk-free for 60 full days.

If you for whatever reason feel that this isn’t right for you (and I won’t ask why!), just drop me an email at support@chickencoopguides.com and I’ll refund all your money!

I’ll even let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying “thanks for giving it a try”!


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Act Now to avoid disappointment.

A Simple No-Brainer Decision You Have To Make

Option 1: Is to do nothing. In which case, your dream of independent living goes down the drain.

Option 2: here would be to buy a pre-made coop. This can cost thousands of dollars...and may not be high quality or suit your needs exactly. Or you can get other chicken plans...but like I said before, Many plans out there are churned out by companies who know nothing about coops.

Options 3: Is a real no-brainer. Simply get your hands on DIY chicken coops today and start building a sturdy, fit for purpose great looking coop.

Don't Settle Settle For Poor Quality Plans or High-Priced Pre-Fabricated Coops

You have a unique opportunity in front of you right now.

In a few short weeks you can enjoy the independence and freedom that only comes from having your own chicken coop...Having you own eggs and meat and not having to rely on anyone else.

You can make that happen without having to pay through the nose for an over priced coop or by becoming frustrated as hell with poorly designed plans.

WARNING: This May Not Be For You...

If you’re willing to settle for poor quality plans online that leave you with a poor quality coop and ton of hassle when putting it together then DIY Chicken Coops may not be for you.

If you’re not that concerned about the welfare of you birds or you’re not that bothered about having real independence then this may not be for you.

On the other hand...

In just a few short weeks from you can be waking up to a thriving chicken coop full of healthy chickens that are happy and contented. You can rest assured they are safe from predators and disease and are ready to give you free eggs and meat from years to come.

My world-famous eBook "DIY Chicken Coops" including:

  • Plans for 10 different coops inside
  • 100 pages worth of detailed instructions
  • 349 step-by-step, easy to follow illustrations

I also understand that if I take action TODAT I will also get access to the following incredible bonuses:

  • Chicken Breed Guide (valued at $17)
  • Selling Excess Eggs for Fun & Profit (valued at $27)
  • Common Chicken Diseases & Illnesses (valued at $29)
  • So You Want to Raise Chickens...A Beginners Guide (valued at $19)

Here's a breakdown of everything included:

DIY Chicken Coops - $39.95
Selling Excess Eggs for Fun & Profit - $27
Chicken Breed Guide - $17
Common Chicken Diseases & Illnesses - $29
So You Want to Raise Chickens - $19

Total Value: $131.95.
Normal Retail Price: $29.95
Yours Today for ONLY: $19.95 (That's 33% OFF!)

See you inside!



PS: After months of research online I have never come across a set of chicken plans that are more simple and quick to assemble from. And remember-if you’re unhappy. You get your money back and you get to keep the bonuses. Get your chicken coop plans here.

PS: If you’re unsure about anything, simply seed me a message to john@chickencoopguides.com and I’ll come back you in 24 hours.

PSS: you need to Act Now and download your plans to avoid disappointment. Limited places are available because of the support needed here.

Beautiful Coops That's Been Built From My Plans

David Hess' modified "Gambrel Poultry Plan" coopGretchen Evans built this beauty using the "Gambrel Poultry"-plan"I finally finished my chicken coop with your plans!!" - Peter ManasseSteve Mauck's beautiful coop
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    A.Simply check out the testimonials from people who have built them before. And remember, if you don’t like them-you get your money back. You have absolutely nothing to lose here.

  • Q.Do I need any special tools to build a coop from these plans?

    A.NO! You just need basic tools to build yourself a great looking coop from these plans.

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