Cyber Monday, Black Friday… Grey Thursday?

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For years retailers have been pushing the boundaries of good taste by having sales start earlier and earlier. Sometime last year the inevitable happened and stores started opening on Thanksgiving itself. Bath and Body Works (so my wife told me) was open for 30 straight hours from 6pm Thanksgiving night until 10pm Friday. I shudder to think about the poor employees who were forced to deal with the madness of Thanksgiving shoppers when they should have been home with their families.

What happens to people who drop tradition and replace it with consumerism? What happens to a society that continues to snub holiday spirit for a new iPhone or new pair of shoes?

Retailers in their greed are even expanding out to other countries now. In 2010 retail giant Amazon expanded their Black Friday sales to the UK and other retailers followed so now the same madness has been extended to the Brits as well.

I mention this to encourage others in curbing their retail spending this season and focusing on what really matters: family, faith, and fellowship.


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