My chicken has bald spots, what causes that?

Bald spots can be from a number of things:

Over-mating from roosters which will generally be on the back

Random spots everywhere or on the back of the head from other hens pecking

They’re molting

You have a broody hen that wants to line a nest with feathers


They’re bored

Nutritional deficiencies

Mites and lice

Not enough nesting boxes
Attempting to force more eggs with too much light

Too hot

If you have questions about which it might be, email and I’ll be happy to help you make the determination.

How do I prevent mites and lice?

The easiest way to do this is to ensure that they have an area in their yard for dust baths, even if that means you provide a box with low sides full of sand that is big enough for one or two of them to get into it and flop around. Add some wood ashes to it as well and it can be both treatment and preventative. Keeping your chickens clean and dry is the best way to keep problems from starting. If you see anything unusual, always check it out quickly before bigger problems start!