Got Snow?

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Lots of us are looking for ideas to earn extra income, right? I’m really upset that Kyle Waring, of Somerville, Massachusetts beat me to this idea:  he started the website . He advertises “100% Natural Snow Products” which he’ll ship anywhere in the US. Prices start at $119.00 (do you see why I wish I had come up with this idea?!)

Now don’t worry about Kyle not earning an income in the off season. In the Fall, he has the site For $19.99, he’ll send you a package of three fall leaves from trees in New England. The website currently has this message: “We’re closed for the season! Thanks everyone for an incredible foliage season! Unfortunately all of our beautiful New England foliage has fallen off the trees, and we no longer have any more foliage products available for sale.”

Stayed for the summertime when I launch my new website: I may get rich yet!

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