“How I Make An Extra $350 Monthly From My Silly Chicken Rearing Hobby… By Selling Excess Eggs & Chickens To My Local Community!”

Written by:   John White
Editor & Founder of ChickenCoopGuides.com

Up till now, you may have viewed chicken rearing in your backyard as nothing more than a fun hobby. Your family may have even laughed at this silly, time-wasting pastime of yours (as they did to me initially)…

But here’s the good news! In what some are calling the “worst-ever” economic downturn, I have outlined a simple step-by-step system that turns your chicken-rearing hobby into a dependable business which you can run on a part-time or full-time basis!

With nothing more than the equipment you already have, I’ll show you how to sell your excess chickens and eggs to the local community, and generate a regular income from doing so.

Here are 3 reasons why demand for chickens and eggs from small, home-based sellers have been so popular in recent years:

  • Health Scares! – Would you rather buy your chicken and eggs from a large farm owned by conglomerates that uses antibiotics and growth enhancing drugs? Or would you buy them from a local farmer whom you can personally speak to, and see what the chickens are fed daily?
  • Local businesses – Restaurants and cafes know that chickens raised on a natural diet of grains taste way better than commercially reared chickens. Customers love them! The eggs are healthier and tastier too. Just supplying to one restaurant in your area is enough to bring you a regular stream of income.
  • Pet Stores / Fellow hobbyists – Some families want to rear chickens as a hobby, but don’t want to get their hands dirty researching all the options. They would rather pay YOU to put together a coop, feeding and roosting accessories, and a few starter chickens for them! You not only earn a tidy profit for doing all the groundwork, but also for providing on-going advice.

How I Accidentally Turned My Pastime
(And Excess Fresh Eggs) Into Profits!

I must admit I’ve always enjoyed rearing chickens just for the fun of it. You probably do too. There is something about caring for those chickens and watching them roam around in my backyard that is very therapeutic. Chickens make perfect pets… and best of all, they give you delicious, healthy eggs for breakfast every morning!

But there came a point where my family was faced with more eggs than we could eat, and more chickens than we could handle. You see, the size of my flock has grown naturally over the years (by following the tips and advice on ChickenCoopGuides.com), and soon we were left with more chickens and eggs than we could give away to family or friends.

That’s when I hit upon the idea of selling some of the extra eggs and chickens. I went and did a little “snooping around” in the nearby organic markets, and found that fresh farm eggs sold for as much as…

$4.50 a dozen

Could this be your hen that lays the “golden” eggs?

Here’s the secret – If you’re a small-time, home-based seller (just like myself), you can probably sell them for much more than the stores. When people know that you have a limited supply of eggs and chickens for sale, and when they see the amount of care you put into rearing your chickens… they’re willing to PAY extra for this level of quality and nutrition for their family.

The beauty of this system is that since I’ve started following it, I’ve NOT had to do anything differently! I still rear my chickens and build my coops as I did before. I am not interested in running a full-scale commercial business.

My rundown chicken coop setup that makes me $350 monthly…

The only difference now is that I sell any excess chickens and eggs on the days I have them, and turn customers down on the days I do not have them. There is no obligation or pressure on my part. The local community appreciates and values my fresh produce because they know I’m not running a conventional business. Instead, I am seen as a respected, premium quality home-based farmer in my area.

YOU Can Do The Same Too!

Guess what, you can do the exact same thing too by taking these 4 simple steps today:

  • Start by identifying the 11 high-demand sources for chickens and eggs in your local area (Your town or city will have AT LEAST three or more of these high-demand sources, which ensure a continuous demand for your fresh, pesticide-free, organic eggs! If you are willing to broaden your geographical area, even more high-demand sources will be open up to you.)
  • Decide how you want to profit from your hobby: Do you just want to sell your excess eggs and chickens, or do you want to help others set up their chicken coops as well?
  • Decide how big (or small) you want to be – Remember, the beauty of this “business” is that small farm setups are actually much more valued than larger, commercialized ones. Therefore, you don’t need to invest large amounts of time and money in building big, professional coops. You can start right where you are, with what you have! Being a small, home-based farm is a HUGE differentiating factor here. Besides, once you’ve had some success, you can scale up the business very easily by increasing the size of your flock… using your existing profits!
  • Use this NO-SALE “script” I personally use – This is an important step. Remember the
      11 high-demand sources
    for chickens and eggs we covered in Step 1? Now you just need to approach ONE of them and use this exact NO-SALE script I personally use. I know what you’re thinking…

“Oh no John, I’ll probably need to talk to strangers and do lots of hard selling!”

This is where you may be pleasantly surprised, which is why I call this my NO-SALE script. There is zero selling or pressure involved!

Think about this --- Does anyone even need to be sold on fresh healthy eggs or meat? If given the chance to purchase fresh, organic farm eggs from chickens raised at home, running around the fields and woods eating natural grains… compared to store-bought eggs laid by chickens in individual “prison cells” injected with growth hormones… what would anyone choose?

Which Source Would YOU Buy From, Every Single Time
… Even If It Meant Paying More?

  • Fresh – Sold direct from your home farm the same day!
  • Chickens are fed a high-quality diet of natural grains and bugs
  • Chickens are allowed to roam freely in the fields and woods, stress-free, with ample space
  • Ability to meet the farmer personally and take a tour of his farm
  • Stale – Probably laid a while back
  • Chickens are fed commercial diets which are meant to enhance their growth and egg production
  • Each chicken is confined in an individual “cell” and not allowed to move, except to peck for “food”
  • Chickens are injected with chemicals and growth-inducing hormones
  • Run by huge conglomerates only interested in profits

You Don’t Even Need To Convince
Customers About Your Fresh Home Eggs!

All that you are required to do is to follow my script exactly and do what it says. Within a week, your first few potential customers will be back and ASKING to buy the eggs or chickens from you on a regular basis.

The wonderful advantage of being a part-time, home-based chicken farmer is that you only work with a handful of regular customers at once. Basically, this small number of customers will continue to pay you, week-after-week for your fresh eggs or meat… generating an on-going source of income for you.

Remember – You’re not interested in being like Walmart selling to hundreds or thousands of customers at once. All you need is to follow my NO-SALE script and secure your first 3 to 5 customers, who will then pay you on a regular basis for your fresh produce. That’s why it is so important to know WHO to approach and HOW to approach them for a start.

Your Chickens Can Be Laying Golden Eggs…
Starting Today!

Honestly, there are not many “businesses” in the world today where all of the following are true:

  • A universal product that sells itself and has widespread appeal and demand --- Almost every household eats eggs on a regular basis! It needs no selling!
  • A setup where “smaller” is “better” --- Can you even think of a traditional business in which this is true? Most businesses require you to make a huge investment on advertising or rent before the first dollar of profits is made. And yet, this is a “business” you can start right where you are, in your very own backyard… without the need to do things differently or invest in any expensive equipment. Your customers will even appreciate that you’re doing things the backward way!

    And most importantly…
  • Your chicken-rearing HOBBY pays for itself! – I enjoy my hobby of building chicken coops and rearing chickens so much… it is almost crazy now to think I’m also getting paid for it! Now in a world where most hobbies are money-guzzlers, how many people can claim to have a hobby that funds itself?

Sounds Too Good To Be True!
What’s The Catch?

You may probably be thinking that all this sounds too “good to be true”… and you’re right! There IS a catch, and since you’ve read until here… I’ll be completely frank and upfront with you.

My method is NOT for someone who wants to make a ton of money, quit their day job, or “get rich quick”. This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme, where I’ll show you how to ramp up your chicken and eggs production like a factory. This is not a tutorial on setting up a commercial chicken farm.

Instead, this is a system on how you can easily turn your backyard chicken-rearing pastime into a modest amount of money, every single month… using the excess eggs and chickens that your family simply can’t finish!

I’m not promising that you will make hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month (you could if you decide to “scale up”), but at the very LEAST…

You’ll Make Enough So That Your Hobby
Pays For Itself!

This means that using the proceeds from your small-time, home-based chicken business, you’ll never have to spend a single CENT ever again on your hobby…

This means no more paying for…

  • Chicken coops and the material used to build them
  • Chicken feeds (this can be a HUGE expenditure)
  • Chicken rearing accessories (heaters, clippers, watering bowls, food dispensers…)
  • Cost of “upgrading” your flock and adding new chickens when you feel like it

These Costs Will Be Taken Care Of
By Your “Customers”!

And of course, if you’re like me, you may also have a couple of hundred-dollar bills left over at the end of each month that can go a long way towards: buying some nice things for the family, gasoline, or making those car payments.

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If this feels right to you, I have put together a comprehensive, step-by-step system that allows you to turn your backyard chicken-rearing hobby into cash… starting this week!

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