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Inside you’ll get access to a wide range of high quality, step-by-step chicken coop plans that are suitable for both small- and large projects. You’ll also get access to e-book guides, videos and a discussion forum.

We've helped 3500+ backyard chicken keepers since 2010 to pursue their dream of building a chicken coop of their own - are you next?

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John Doe

David Hess,

The chicken coop plans I got from you were great!

They were easy to follow and the coop turned out to be the envy of all of my friends. I love my new hobby.
Thanks so much for giving me every thing you promised.

Choose From 19 Chicken Coop Plans

Coop Plan #1: Chicken Shed

  • Recommended for 10 chickens, 20 with additional chicken run.
  • This is a fashionable addition that goes with any small farm set-up.
  • Chicken run included!

Coop Plan #2: The Poultry Shack

  • Large 10x12' floor plan allows for up to 30 chickens at one time
  • Sturdy construction allows for electrical installation
  • Offers free-standing nesting boxes

Coop Plan #3: Mul-T Coop

  • Spacious 12x16 foot main shed
  • Designed to handle electricity and insulation
  • Enough space for up to 30 chickens in each side

Coop Plan #4: Coop Master

  • Gambrel roof and a large 12x16 floor plan
  • Designed to accommodates up to 100 chickens!
  • Full easy-to-access nesting box and roost plans

Coop Plan #5: Gambrel Chicken Barn

  • Outdoor fenced-up run with access doors
  • Full-sized door for easy access
  • Indoor nesting boxes and roosting area

Coop Plan #6: Poultry Farmer

  • Enough space for over 100 chickens
  • 24x24 foot run included in the plan
  • Easy access for cleaning

Every Plan Comes With

1Complete Material Lists

You get a detailed material list to print out and take to your local hardware shop... so they can prepare and even saw everything to the right dimensions for you! (It"s like getting a flat-packed coop kit for pennies on the dollar.)

2Step-by-Step Walkthroughs

Follow my step-by-step instructions to put everything together. Along the way, there will be LOTS of cross-sectional diagrams to help you stay on the right track.

3Full-Color Illustrations

All these blueprints are computer-drawn with step-by-step instructions, cross sectional diagrams and full color illustrations, making it easy for you to envision the final product.

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Watch educational and interesting videos about chickens & coop building.

Join the discussion with 1000's of other members in our forums!

Get inspiration from photos of coops that's been built by our members

Featured Coops That's Been Built Using Our Plans

3 Benefits of Building Your Own Coop

  • Most Ready-Made Coops Are a Complete Rip-Off! Most "ready-made" coops are shipped or sold to you flat-packed. They are nothing more than a few pieces of cheap wood cut to the right dimensions, packaged with a couple of nails for you to put everything together.
  • You Get to Choose Material If you build your own chicken coop you get to choose the FINEST material from your local hardware shop instead of having to paying premium for ready made coops that's been built with low-quality material!
  • Build the Perfect Coop For YOUR Needs When building your own coop you get to build a coop that suits YOUR needs. Want a coop that's suitable for just 2 chickens? Need a full-sized chicken condo that can hold 25? No problem! You're in charge.

See you inside!

John White