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This year I have an opportunity to spend some serious time in Taiwan— and I’m planning an all-out search for better chicken water system components. I also want to find other innovative products for small farms and urban homesteads and I want your input.

One of the things I love about Asia is the variety of international products available. Businesses in Taiwan tend to source some of the best products from all over the world— especially Japan and Europe. (Reading Eliot Coleman books has convinced me that the number of small farms that have survived in Europe over the past century makes it a place to watch when it comes to equipment innovation for small-scale agriculture.)

There’s also a strong entrepreneurial spirit and plenty of manufacturing in Taiwan— so I’m hoping I will find some amazing products geared toward small-scale farming.

chicken water system
High on my list are better quality, more durable chicken water system components.
I would also love to hear about any chicken related— or gardening or small farm— related products you’d like to find. Is there something you’ve tried to find on your agriculture supply store shelf that simply isn’t there? Send me an e-mail and I’ll see if I can discover solutions from around the world.

Are you planning some improvements to your chicken raising set-up this year? Or do you have a chicken raising tip to share with our online community? We’d love to hear from you! Just send us an e-mail!
And remember, whether it’s time to build your first coop or upgrade to a new hen house we have high quality plans available in our book bundles. With every $29 purchase you get immediate access to a digital copy and if you choose the $49 (plus shipping) bundle we’ll also ship a hard copy to your home.

2 thoughts on “Help Me Make a Shopping List

  1. I purchased the red nipple drip water inserts. Put them in-service, spaced with PVC sections. Looked great. I also installed a pressure gauge and pressure valve. Immediately I discovered I was having a hell of a time keeping the water pressure consistent. Pressure kept falling off to nothing. Then I determined when the water was being used anywhere else on the property it caused the pressure to fall off on the chicken water. I solved that by installing a back-flow preventer which kept the pressure up on the chicken water nipple line.
    You might want to offer a back-flow preventer with your package.

    • Thank you, John. That’s a great idea. I sure appreciate you sharing what you figured out. There’s nothing worse that a failing water system– especially in the middle of the summer.

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