Using Deep Bedding for Chicken Coop Sanitation

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Chicken coop sanitation is one of the biggest frustrations readers seem to face. In fact, it’s the second most common concern we hear about– right after protecting the flock from predators.

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My preferred method is to keep chickens on pasture– and constantly move them to fresh ground. But that method requires a lot of land (about one acre for every 50 chickens) and doesn’t work in the cold winter months we have in Idaho. For those of you who need to keep your chickens penned up year round or just during the winter months I highly recommend using something called the “deep bedding method.”

This approach involves providing a thick layer of bedding which provides material for the chickens to constantly dig through. In the process the chicken’s droppings are incorporated and ultimately composted.

Author and organic farmer Joel Salatin provided a guest post on the Murray McMurray website with detailed information on how to use this method to keep your own coop and run clean. I have had the opportunity to meet Salatin and read several of his books. I am always impressed with his ability to find the most simple and sensible solutions to farming challenges. You can read his article by clicking here: Deep Bedding Alternative for Cramped Spaces.

What tricks have you found to keep your coop clean? Do you have any other chicken raising tips to share with our online community? We’d love to hear from you! Just send us an e-mail.
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