Facts About Raising Brahma Chickens                                                      

Brahma ChickensWhen you first get into raising chickens, you may wonder which type of breed to choose for your flock. Some farmers enjoy the look of unusual or exotic birds and mostly raise them for pets. Other backyard farmers are interested in getting a constant supply of fresh eggs from their hens. There is also the possibility of choosing a breed based on its use of meat for food. One interesting breed to consider for your flock is Brahma chickens. This is a breed with quite a fascinating place in poultry farming history. This breed is also responsible for helping make chicken popular across dinner tables around the country.

What to Know About This Breed 

Brahma chickens got their start in America during the early 1800s. Some believe that the chickens were bred from imported chickens from China. By the mid 19th century, this breed of bird became the main source of chicken meat in the country. After 1930, other breeds were deemed more economical for massive meat production farms, and the Brahma declined. Here are some other things to know about this breed:

  • Special Look – Brahma chickens are one of the largest chicken breeds around. They also have pleasing appearances with prized plumage in light, dark or buff shades.
  • Top Egg and Meat Birds – This type of chicken was coveted years ago for its tasty meat and rich brown eggs. Hens may lay about three eggs per week in ideal conditions.
  • Personality – Brahma owners report that their chickens are friendly and quiet. The chickens tend to get along with other breeds as well but can get broody during certain times of the year. The females are also known to be good mothers to their young.
  • Adaptability – During the winter, these stout birds can do well. Hens typically continue to lay plenty of eggs even during the coldest times of the year.

The Right Housing for Your Chickens

When you are ready to move forward with your new chicken flock, you must first evaluate your backyard’s potential to house your chickens appropriately. For happy and healthy chickens, you’ll need the right type of chicken coop that keeps them warm during the cold months and protected from the elements. Here are some other important things to keep in mind:

  • Interior Space – When putting your coop together, be sure to give your Brahma chickens plenty of space to move about. Because they are a larger breed, they may need more than the standard amount of space for poultry breeds.
  • Sanitation – Make sure you regularly clean your coop by picking up bird droppings at least two times per week and doing a thorough clean every couple of weeks. Keep food and fresh water raised above the ground so it doesn’t get knocked over or stepped on.
  • Safety Concerns – If you want to keep your flock safe from other predatory animals, be sure you invest in a quality protective chicken wire that can keep them out of your coop. Ensure that there are also no small openings that could allow for mice or rabbits to get inside.

Brahma chickens are poised to make a comeback with the small backyard chicken farmer in more recent years. Consider giving this unique breed a chance to flourish at your home’s farm setup.