Cochin Chickens Make Perfect Pets

Cochin ChickensWhile often thought of as simply a food source, chickens can actually make an excellent addition to your household and are a great pet option outside of the traditional dog or cat. If you are toying with the idea of establishing your own coop at home, you should consider a number of factors when choosing the right breeds. Many people are interested in establishing an egg source, while others are more interested in selecting beautiful birds to serve as pets. If you are more interested in looks than practicality, Cochin chickens are an excellent choice, and there are a few good reasons to select this variety.

What to Consider When Starting Your Flock

Before starting to select breeds for your flock, you need to thoroughly research the wide variety of chickens available. There are a number of factors that you want to consider as you choose your birds. You should carefully assess your environment and requirements before buying any breed for your space. Looking for temperaments and qualities that fit your needs is essential to success. Initially only look for a recognized variety, as this will offer more consistency in personality and ensure that your selection will fit your needs.

Cochin Background

These birds have origins in India where they were originally bred. In the 19th century, they were first exported to America and Britain, where they gained popularity as a meat source in the West. The breed has been admired as one of the largest varieties, and its extensive feather plumage makes its size appear even more impressive.  This size and impressive feathering make the birds one of the most aesthetically pleasing varieties as well.

Egg Production

For many people, egg production is an important factor in the breed that they select. Like many other varieties, these birds start laying eggs at around five months of age. Cochin chicken eggs are a light brown color and are typically medium in size. While the eggs can be quite desirable and delicious, their production is often inconsistent, and hens typically lay only during particular seasons of the year. The must lucrative period is usually the winter months. If you are looking for a consistent source, this is likely not the selection for you. However, if you are OK with fresh eggs for certain periods of time, this may be the perfect option.

Demeanor and Benefits

While Cochin chickens are not regular egg producers, they do offer a number of other qualities. These hens are one of the most nurturing breeds, and they serve as excellent mothers to both their own offspring and adopted chicks. In a mixed flock, they can significantly help in fulfilling a necessary nurturing role. Additionally, if you are interested in breeding poultry chickens, this variety provides excellent meat and the nurturing necessary to raise the food source. If you aren’t interested in producing your own poultry, these birds are one of the best pet chickens, as they possess extraordinarily calm, tame and friendly characteristics, making them an excellent addition to your home.

Selecting a Coop

Selecting and crafting an appropriate coop is one of the most important steps in ensuring the success of your flock. Cochin chickens are able to withstand cold temperatures due to their large stature and full feathers. However, you do not want to simply leave them out in harsh weather. In fact, their feathers can quickly collect dirt, debris and water, which can lead to health problems, so you should create a dry, safe space away from the elements for them. Additionally, they thrive in smaller spaces as a result of their tame nature. As such, a small, cozy covered coop is a great home for these birds.

Creating an ideal flock requires significant effort, but with the right knowledge, you can find the birds that are right for you. Cochin chickens are certainly the best choice if you are looking for a pet breed to add a little character to your home, and they may give you a few eggs from time to time.