Bring Japanese Bantam Chickens to Your Backyard

Japanese BantamIf you’re looking for a unique pet to have in your backyard, chickens may be the answer. While it’s important to have some chickens for farm-fresh eggs each morning, you can also have chickens in your flock that are simply fun to look at, like the Japanese bantam. This type of chicken is not the most ideal for constant access to fresh eggs or for raising chickens for meat, but they can be great and friendly pets.

All About Japanese Bantams 

Japanese bantam chickens are a small ornamental breed mainly used for showing or companionship. They originate from Japan, and they are mostly raised by chicken farmers with experience in showing and breeding. Here are some Japanese bantam facts that are good to know if you’re considering adding these type of birds to your flock.

  • Tame Temperament – Japanese bantam chickens are sweet and easygoing. They can make for a great and friendly pet for families.
  • Poor Egg Prospects – Japanese bantam eggs are small in size and come in either cream or brown colors. Hens may lay up to one egg per week, so they are not the best chicken to choose if you are seeking plentiful eggs for eating or sale.
  • Characteristics – This type of bird is one of the smaller breeds of chickens. They have short legs and can come in a variety of colors. Their feathers can be long and quite beautiful. Breeding these birds for their bright colors and look can be a challenge because of a common defect in young chicks’ ability to hatch.
  • Weather Concerns – This small, fragile bird is not a cold weather hardy breed. If your area experiences harsh winters, you will need to provide your chickens with an indoor space that has sufficient heat.

Where to House Your Chickens

With a breed like the Japanese bantam chicken, it’s important for you to have the right type of chicken coop that allows them to thrive. This type of chicken needs a little bit more extra care and consideration so they can be comfortable and happy all year long. Here are some ways you can customize your coop:

  • Adequate Space – This breed of chicken is happy to stay indoors during their lifespan, so be sure that your coop has enough space. Give your chickens about 10 square feet per animal to have them feel comfortable inside of their shelter.
  • Protection From the Elements – This small chicken is especially vulnerable to outside conditions. When temperatures dip into the lower digits, it’s essential to have a heat source.
  • Safety From Other Animals – You’ll want to keep your chickens safe from predators, such as foxes and coyotes. Secure chicken wire around your coop, and be sure there aren’t any spots where a sneaky animal could fit through.

Raising the Japanese bantam chicken can be a great experience for someone looking for a different type of pet to show off to family, friends and in the show ring. With proper care and special consideration, your chickens will be gorgeous and ready to be admired by all.