Insect and Worm Farming – An Unusual Way To Make Extra Money

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So I’m not even going to pretend that the thought of eating a worm or insect isn’t totally disgusting to my Western brain. I’m not going to try to convince you that they are a great protein source for humans because . . . yuck. I’ve tried to overcome the irrationally fearful idea in my head of eating something with more limbs than I have, but it just hasn’t worked out. I know intellectually that worms and insects are a good potential food source for humans, but it doesn’t seem to translate to my mouth. My hens, however, aren’t so picky. They love the things. So do fish for that matter. And I love eating both fish and hens. I suppose I could just consider myself as being so high on the food chain that I couldn’t possibly eat a lowly bug, but that just sounds snobby.

See here for more about more humble humans eating insects and worms.

For (what I consider) better reasons to think about farming worms and bugs, look at the potential benefits:

    1. It is an inexpensive and unique way to keep your chickens fed with a high quality, natural protein source that will provide you with rich, yellow yolked eggs even in the winter
    2. Your garden will thrive when it is full of earthworms and beneficial insects like ladybugs
    3. Not only from the worms themselves, but the ‘worm tea’ they produce is a wonderful natural fertilizer for growing plants
    4. Come fishing season, you’ll always have worms at hand
    5. Also come fishing season, you can sell some of your extra worms as bait
    6. Don’t forget your insects, though. You can sell some of those to your neighbors, too
    7. There’s always the idea of selling your insects and worms to those who really do want to eat them

Now that it has turned cold for just about everyone, I consider this to be prime planning weather. Spring comes around faster than we are ready for it sometimes, so if you’re thinking that having a worm box or insect box might not be a bad idea then start looking for a place to put your new friends. This company has a great FAQ section and their products are available in the US, AUS, Canada, and several other countries.

It’s too complicated to get into the how-to on my blog here, but I wanted to put forth worm and insect farming as an idea that is rarely considered. It can be as big or small as you want, but the rewards are very gratifying for those who love to homestead. All the best to you and have a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are!


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