How to purchase chicks by mail-order

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Since spring is almost here, many people are ordering chicks. But for first-timers are quite confused as to all the different terminology used and such. I found some great videos for you all to watch that will hopefully help dispel questions and concerns first-timers may have.

And as a sweet bonus today, a picture of subscriber Ted Johnson’s grandson Micah with one of their hens.


6 thoughts on “How to purchase chicks by mail-order

    • Jerry, not sure what you mean there. Locations on your property? In a barn? House? And as for roosts, I’m assuming you mean for the fully grown hens? If I can get some more details I can help you better.


    • Hey Scott, well, there are so many breeds available it really depends on what you want the hens for. With only being allowed 4 hens, I reckon you probably want them for eggs instead of meat. Your area also is very important since if you live in an extreme climate you want a breed that is tolerant or hardy to your area. Please give me some more information and I’ll see what I can do to help you out.

  1. My chickens have many type of roosts from round dowels to square boards turned flat and on the point and a wooden ladder and pvc roosts but all of my birds are bald on the breast. What can I do to prevent this please?

    • Hi Gen, it really could be any number of things. I’ll assume you checked already for mites and internal parasites? And if they’re all bald then you can probably eliminate a bully in the midst of your flock. Sometimes it can be boredom, but I can’t see all of them doing it at the same time. Usually when a bird goes broody her feathers on the lower breast and stomach area will thin or go bald a little so she can better warm a clutch of eggs. But again, it’s not usually all of your birds.

      Your first choice once you’ve eliminated the possibility of internal or external parasites is to add more protein to their feed. If that doesn’t fix the problem so that you see pin feathers return after about 4-6 weeks then it’s got to be something else and it’s time for a trip to the vet for your birds. Or at least a phone call! Good luck!

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