Plan for Success When Raising Chickens for Profit

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When considering raising chickens for profit the planning stage is very important. If you are going to sell eggs you will need chickens that lay earlier and have a long production stage. If you are going for meat production, you will need chicken breeds that get large enough to produce meat by the time they are 12-16 weeks old.There is a way to have a profit margin and not have to produce meat. Produce baby chicks to sell. Increase your profit margin dramatically by investing in some rare or exotic breed chickens. It’s a great alternative if you are squeamish about the production of meat chickens.







When looking for rare breed chickens to begin a project you will decide between:

  • Critically endangered – this means there are fewer than 500 breeding birds left in the U.S.
  • Threatened – fewer than 1000 breeding birds in the U.S.
  • Watched – fewer than 5000 breeding birds
  • Recovering – chickens that have made it out of the above categories but their numbers still need to be monitored

There are hundreds of chicken breeds considered rare, and thousands that keep one or more of those breeds. Doing an internet search for rare breed chickens will net you a wealth of information on the breeds, their pictures, and where you may purchase them.

Chickens come in many colors and patterns. This has not gone un-noticed by veteran crafters. Whether your chickens are sleek feathered or fluffy, there is a crafter out there who will buy shed, clean, feathers for crafting. If you are a crafter, find new ways to use your feathers in your art to produce sellable products.

If you have room to let your chickens free range and live in a natural environment your eggs will bring a higher price per dozen as organic eggs. These eggs come from chickens that are hormone and chemical free.

Consider joining an organization like NPIP (National Poultry Improvement Program). Their certification for your flock ensures your chickens are disease free, and that you are a serious contender in raising chickens for profit.


Photo by:  Simon Cunningham