Top 10 Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Here’s my personal top 10 list of egg-laying chicken breeds that are perfect to house in any of the chicken coop that I provide chicken coop plans for 😉 Enjoy and don’t forget to share this one!

Top 10 Chicken Breeds Infographic



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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Egg-Laying Chicken Breeds [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Just curious, I noticed you didn’t include Orpingtons on your list. I raised a batch a few years ago and found them to be excellent, out of 28 hens we were averaging 2 dozen Large to Jumbo eggs a day, even during the winter. Did we just get lucky or is this fairly typical?

  2. They sound great, Mike! I have heard good things about Orpingtons. But the Buff Orpingtons I had many years ago weren’t all that impressive. Would you mind sharing which variety you have and where you purchased them? I’m always interested in researching excellent strains in each breed.

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