2 Awesome Chicken Coops Built Using Our Plans…

2 Awesome Chicken Coops Built Using Our Plans…

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Quite often we receive emails from happy customers who have used one of our plans to build a chicken coop (and saved tons of money in the process)…

Today I’m going to show you images, sent in by two of our customers, of two absolutely beautiful chicken coops so you can see what our coops can look like in real life…

Check out these coops that were built using our Gambrel Chicken Barn plan here below…

This coop was built by James using our Gambrel Chicken Barn Design
This coop was built by James using our Gambrel Chicken Barn Design
Here’s the same coop as above but from a different angle.
Here’s the same coop as above but from a different angle.

Here’s an image, sent in by Gretchen Evans, of his coop that was also built using our Gambrel Chicken Barn plan…

Gretchen Evans chicken coop
Here’s what Gretchen said in his email to us: “Just wanted to send you a photo of my chicken coop. I used the Gambel design – just “super-sized” it!


…And here’s the plan they both used to build these beautiful coops:










The Gambrel Chicken Barn is a coop designed to accomodate a medium sized flock of 10-20 chickens. It could come as a kit for as much as $5000.00! Depending on the

materials used, to build this coop costs less than $1000! With such
easy clean-up in the design, why would anyone ever pay six times as much
and still have to put in the work?

Click here right now to sign up as a member and get instant access to the Gambrel Chicken Barn Plan and our complete collection of 19 carefully designed chicken coops!

Every plan comes with:
– Full color plans, ready to print
– 2 measurement metrics (cm/m & feet/inches)
– Step-by-step-instructions
– Complete lists of materials & tools needed

Check out all plans here



13 thoughts on “2 Awesome Chicken Coops Built Using Our Plans…

  1. Hello;
    Thank you for the e-mail showing your Chicken Coops. Its hard to find coops and runs that are for 30 to 50 chickens. The ones I find are for 5 to 6 birds and I’m told “just make it bigger.” I designed a coop and run that not only is designed for larger flocks but also includs the space for your garden. Fertalizer is only steps away. There is also room for a small office which keeps me out of the weather. Thanks again for writting I look forward in hearing from you. Larry B. Blumatte, Ter-Blu Farms Inc.

  2. Please let me know what you use for flooring. I am planning on building a chicken coop but do not know what to put on my floor to protect it from the chickens and chicken by products, :o)


  3. John, I have talked to many people and visited different chicken raising sites. I read one lady used rhino lining and loves the ease of clean up. Many use vinyl flooring, some just paint the wood and use the deep litter method (3 to 5 inches of sand or wood shavings/ sawdust). My four babies are in my pantry while its still cold here in northern Illinois and we are trying to pick which coop we want to build. I am using sand and straw on top of my old plank wood flooring. It’s easy to clean.

  4. I want a large mobile chicken coop with a large run. I am a grandma and need one built to where it wouldn’t be impossible for me to move it. Looking for mobile chicken tractor coops is discouraging. I guess maybe I could move it with our mower..just my husband doesn’t want me fooling with that either.

  5. Thank you John for sharing your plans and knowledge. We are just looking around but don’t think we are going to build something now. Like your ideas, nice page, thank you!

  6. Very nice, they look really well built. I am currently working on a much smaller version of my own design. It will house 4 chickens max. and will have wheels, with the run being totally enclosed.

  7. Hi, thanks indeed for the wonderful coop buildings. They are very good.

    Am making a coop building using burnt blocks. It will be 6 metres long and 2 metres wide. Could it be okay for raising 400 chickens?

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