9 *Must Have* Coop Accessories

9 *Must Have* Coop Accessories

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The best way to create a healthy, happy and productive environment for your chickens is to use the right chicken coop accessories. Usually it takes a bit of guess work and experimentation before you can find the right products to keep your chickens happy. However, you can’t go wrong with these nine must-have accessories for your chicken coop.

Security and Access Door

An automatic chicken door is the perfect accessory for the person who often forgets to close and lock their chickens in for the evening. Get one with GPS technology to make it easier for you to keep up with different time zones. Once configured, you don’t need to do anything else to manage it. It provides safe and easy access for your hens.

Natural Light

A solar operated chicken coop light makes it easier for you to keep your chickens warm and provide them with the right amount of sunlight so their egg laying schedule is not interrupted. You also won’t have to worry about increasing energy expenses from its use. Installation is easy, and you don’t need a professional to do it.

Fencing or Netting

One thing your chicken coop should not be without is fencing or aviary netting. You need to keep your chickens protected from outside predators like hawks and wild flocks. An aviary net and adequate fencing enables you to do so efficiently without putting your hens at risk.


A true-to-size feeder. As tempting as it may be for you to fill your hen’s feeder with enough food for them to eat for a week, doing so can attract other animals and encourage mold and bacteria growth. Also, there is no point in wasting valuable chicken feed. You can just as easily cater to your chickens’ dietary needs by using a feeder that is small, portable and easy to keep clean.

Security Motion Sensor Lights

You’ll need more than the right fencing and nets to keep your prized chickens safe and secure. You should also consider placing motion security lights around your coop to use at night to help deter unwanted intrusions from other animals and alert you to the fact that there are predators in the yard.


Since the nesting area is where all of the egg laying magic happens, you want to use the right nesting materials. There are several different ways you can set up their nesting areas. In my book “DIY Chicken Coops” you’ll find more info on how to select the right materials and setup.


It’s a well-known fact that too many hens in the coop is trouble. Invest in some toys to distract them and to keep them from messing with others. Consider items that are shiny and small enough for them to peck at.

Roosting Bars

No chicken coop should be without a few roosting bars. Think of them as tree branches that your chickens can hop onto and roost on whenever they’re in the mood. There is no need to have one for each chicken; you just need enough to accommodate the size of your coop.


You don’t have to get all high-tech for your chicken coop waterer. You just need one that is large enough to accommodate all of your chickens and simple enough to maintain, clean and sanitize as needed.

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