4 Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

4 Benefits of a Portable Chicken Coop

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Chicken coops come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One can build their own coop at home with chicken coop plans such as those found at here on my website. Building your own chicken coop doesn’t have to be complicated. With a few basic supplies, a rudimentary knowledge of woodworking, and a free weekend, you can have your own chicken coop up and ready for a flock in no time. Whether you plan to build your own coop or buy a pre-built version instead, consider the size of your back yard, the number of chickens you wish to raise, how you’ll provide a light/heat source during the cold winter months, and how your birds will be protected from predators. A portable chicken coop is a great option that has many benefits to offer.

Photo Jimmy Emerson, DVM
Photo Jimmy Emerson, DVM

Cleaner Than Your Stationary Options

A portable chicken coop is easy to move from one part of your yard or property to another. They’re also known as chicken tractors and are generally A-shaped frames with a small hen house and fencing to protect the hens from predators. Some versions with large chicken houses have wheelbarrow-like handles to ease transport.  Many have wheels for easier moving.  Because they are portable, your chicken’s living area will be much cleaner than would a stationary chicken coop. Each day or several days, you simply move the coop, providing the chickens with fresh ground. Otherwise, you’ll have to frequently clean out your coop to keep your chickens free from disease and contamination.  Chickens poop nearly non-stop, so this is a lot of waste!

Providing the Free-Range Lifestyle and Protection Too

Raising your chickens completely free-range may be a wonderful idea, but if your area is ripe with predators then your hens are merely sitting targets. Dogs, cats, foxes, coyotes, bears, owls, hawks, skunks, and raccoons are just a few of many predators who would love to make a quick meal out of your chickens. A portable chicken coop allows your chickens plenty of room to exercise and scratch as well as sunshine and fresh air. Most importantly, there is a fenced-in area and an enclosed chicken house to keep your flock out of harm’s way.

Fantastic Mobile Fertilizers

A portable chicken coop can be moved all over your property, allowing you to fertilize and aerate large plots of land. Chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer, infusing your soil with potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients. Chicken manure makes your soil more fertile, improves soil structure, increases soil-moisture holding capacity, and helps your lawn or garden to grow healthier and happier. Healthy soil equals a healthy growing season.

Protect Your Yard and Keep Those Eggs Contained

One last benefit of a portable chicken group is that chickens are unable to destroy and scratch up your vegetable and flower gardens while still enjoying a semi-free range environment. Chickens can make quick work of your yard, damaging your foliage and destroying your vegetables. A portable chicken coop provides them with room to roam yet also keeps them in a contained area.

Also, a portable chicken coop keeps your eggs contained on one area. Free-range birds lay where they please, which means it can be quite an egg hunt when it comes time to collect eggs. If you use a portable chicken coop, your eggs will be kept within the confines of the coop. If you build nesting boxes within your hen house, your hens will hopefully lay their eggs in the boxes and make egg harvest even easier.

A portable-chicken coop has a lot to offer and provides your chickens with a healthy living environment while also transforming your property into a fertile mecca. If you are a small-scale chicken farmer, this may be the perfect option for you.

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