How To Build Your First Chicken Coop

How To Build Your First Chicken Coop

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Whether you are an accomplished woodworker or you can just manage to put together an Ikea bookshelf kit, building your first chicken coop is not out of your reach. Chicken coops can be incredibly simple in design or complicated, multi-step projects that will take you a long weekend to build. It’s up to you. Pick a plan, buy your supplies, and get ready to construct your backyard masterpiece.

Choosing the Plan for You

The Internet has truly made building your first chicken coop easier than ever before. With a few clicks of your mouse, chicken coop blueprints, material lists, and step-by-step instructions are available to you for very little cost. An excellent place to find chicken coop plans is obviously here at my website 🙂  Decide how many chickens you’d like to raise, the basics requirements you’re looking for in a coop, and how much (or little) you’re willing to spend. Also keep in mind your level of woodworking experience. If you have no experience, it may not be a good idea to pick an extremely complicated coop. A basic coop will suit your needs too and will be much easier to build. Regardless, purchasing a plan that comes with pictures and easy-to-follow instructions is sure to make your task easier!

Gather Your Supplies

A chicken coop is generally a good “first” building project, one that would be excellent for a parent and children to complete together. It requires few materials and isn’t too difficult to construct.

Once you have the perfect plan, bring your supply list to your local hardware store and check your items off one by one. Lay out your supplies before you start to build and make sure you have absolutely everything you need. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting stuck midway through your project, realizing you don’t have the necessary part or tools.

As you gather your materials, consider quality vs cost. Sure, one type of wood may be extremely inexpensive, but will it hold up over time? A different type may weather better and better protect your flock from the elements. Ask a sales associate for details. There’s more to consider than cost… what quality chicken coop do you want?

Special Considerations

Follow your instructions carefully. Please do read the instructions! If you take the time to do so, you’ll be much happier with your final product.

Make sure that your chicken coop masterpiece is strong and sturdy to protect your flock from predators. You may want to add insulation to your roof to keep your birds warm in the winter and vents to keep the air temperate in the summer. Chickens like plenty of sunlight and room to roam, so make sure that you supply them with both. Have you built nesting boxes? You’ll need some, preferably one or more for every five chickens.

So Many Benefits

There are many benefits to building your own chicken coop. Not only will it cost less than buying a kit or pre-built coop, but you’ll also be able to modify your coop to meet your specific requirements. Building your own coop is the perfect chance to become a better builder or to bond with loved ones over a project. Raising chickens is a rewarding hobby and this fun begins before the chicks even arrive. You’ll remember your building experience for years to come—here’s to making that experience a great one.

Photo by: Dale Calder

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