AgriCast Digest E06: Tom & Chareva Naughton Interview!

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Hey folks, we’re really happy about this week’s episode because even though the skype sound quality wasn’t the greatest, the content was amazing because Gabrielle interviewed Tom and Chareva Naughton!

You may have heard of him from his blog ( or from the documentary he did a few years ago called Fathead. He did the documentary as a rebuttal to Super Size Me and I know that the wife and I really enjoyed watching it when Gabrielle mentioned it to us a few months back.

If you’ve ever been depressed about the mixed messages nutritionists send out then take a look at this because you won’t regret it. He really busted out all the old myths about diet like cholesterol, low fat, and all that grain and starch! They also shared their own experiences with moving from a deeply urban to a deeply rural area.

Tom and his wife share some great news for kids in this podcast as well and we’re looking forward to what the next few months bring. Until then, have a listen and tell us what you think.

Next week, part one of the intense hour long interview with Doug Kaufmann of Know the Cause.


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