AgriCast Digest E07: Interview with Doug Kaufmann Part I

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We are very pleased to announce the release of our two part interview with Doug Kaufmann from the long running investigative health television program Know The Cause. Mr. Kaufmann was one of the first voices on TV to talk about functional medicine. He specializes in fungus, molds, and yeasts and the effects of such on the human and animal body.

The interview was intense, with really great information given by Mr. Kaufmann, and ran over the allotted 20 minutes to an hour! Since it ran over, but there was so much great stuff we decided to cut it in half to make it more palatable for our listeners. We know your time is valuable, so it’s down to a more manageable half hour for each section.

In this session, Gabrielle talked about the beginning of Mr. Kaufmann’s show and some general health questions as well as the nature of fungi, yeast, and molds. Listen up, kids! It’s more interesting than it might sound!

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