Gary Adrian’s Chicken Coop Project

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I absolutely love it when fans and followers sends through photos of their successful coop project. Here’s one recent example that I just had to share with you.

Gary in Iowa has been keeping us posted on his coop’s progress since May and it’s now complete and the flock has moved in. He used the Gambrel plan and made a few modifications to fit the space he had to work with. He then insulated the floor with 2” ridged insulation to keep the heat in and lined the walls and floors with Fiberglass Reinforced Panels (composite material used in car washes, hospitals, commercial kitchens and laboratories) for the walls and floors, which won’t rot or support mold or mildew.

Gary points out by using this he can just pressure wash it when it’s time to clean out the coop. As you can see in the photos, he divided up the inside so he’s got room for storing the feed and his cleaning supplies – which I think is a great organizational idea! The coop’s got heat and fans and notice how he built it with a tree nearby to take advantage of the shade in the summer. He installed a barrier underground around the run to keep out raccoons and coyotes.

I’m sure we all agree that this coop is a true beauty!

Gary Adian's Coop

Gary Adian's Coop

Gary Adian's Coop Gary Adian's Coop Gary Adian's Coop Gary Adian's Coop


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