Why Is Soy And Corn Not Good For Chickens (Or Humans)?

Why Is Soy And Corn Not Good For Chickens (Or Humans)?

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First it was butter. It started ‘the health war’ as I like to think of it.

Butter is bad!

No wait, butter’s fine but margarine is bad!

No, we retract that. Today margarine is all right but butter is the root of all evil.

Technically, butter and margarine are both bad and you should only eat olive oil.

Butter’s okay now, but you should really eat more olive oil!

Wait! Olive oil is fine as long as you don’t heat it! Try coconut oil if you want to heat it up! 

Does any of this sound familiar to ya’ll?

I figured out some time ago that there will never be ‘perfect’ foods for the human body. Paleo eating comes close, but I also think micro-evolution in humans moves quicker than people realize and some people can eat more modern food like grains with no ill effects. Or perhaps only some grains.

There are a couple of foods that unfortunately I’d say 80% of the population just shouldn’t eat even if they’re organic. If they’re NOT organic then that goes to 100%.

Corn and soy.

Two foods that are in 90% of all processed foods and almost all chicken feed. It is worth your time to make a corn-free/soy-free chicken feed or purchase this from a reputable company.

I can go on at length as to why GMO foods and corn and soy are not foods that most humans should eat, but I’d prefer to save my breath and let you see the neat charts and hear from the experts. When watching this I’d like for you to keep four things in mind:

    – I don’t believe in scaring people into doing things, but at the same time this is scary and people need to be aware!

    – What your chickens eat is what YOU eat

    – I don’t have a political agenda and I try to stay neutral here. Mostly because I think they’re all pretty darn corrupt so please don’t view this as a political statement

    – 50 years ago, doctors were promoting cigarettes as healthy and safe


Abridged Version of Genetic Roulette


12 thoughts on “Why Is Soy And Corn Not Good For Chickens (Or Humans)?

  1. Hi John, We know full well what you mean. i stubbornly stayed on BUTTER through the whole margarine thing though I recall squeezing the little red spot into the oleo bag when I was a kid ,back in the Korean war era , and eggs – can’t beat an egg. i now eat only local grazed beef , local pork and chicken ,grow as much as i can in our fleeting summer and put up my own kraut , fermented lentil sprouts is a good one—but i still haven’t dared to tackle the chicken thing , and sourdough culture for baking still eludes my grasp….At least I’m headed in the right direction.

    • Richard,
      Sounds like you’re doing better than most folks out there. And fermented lentil sprouts? I’ll have to check that out.

  2. Sorry, gotta disagree with the anti-soy concept. I’ve been a vegan since 1988 and 98% vegan over the past year because I rescued 3 laying hens from the stew-pot and I eat their eggs only. They will live with me whether they lay or not. I am healthier than all my family and friends. Have you not educated yourself on the value of soy in Asian countries? They eat an astounding amount of soy and have no where close to the health issues that the majority of American people have. How many obese Asians have you met? How many obese Americans have you met? I’m not sure how detrimental or beneficial soy is for chickens, but soy has actually been shown to be extremely beneficial to humans, esp for women.

    • Asians have been eating FERMENTED soy for millennia. That’s the key. And non GMO of course. Please do some more research, your health depends on it…

    • Sure, soy is great at protein yada yada, but the rationality is to buy GMO free soy. More expensive, but benefits vastly outweigh the extra costs. In all honesty, I didn’t get to watch all the movie. The first THREE minutes said it all. Right?

      • Actually I’d go back and watch when you have the chance to do so. There’s actually an even LONGER version where they go into details about what happens to the animals who eat GMO foods.

        As for soy, fermented only for us. It breaks down the phytoestrogens and other toxins that makes even organic soy not a good option.

    • Did you not get the point? Soy in this country is 80% GMO. NO ONE SAID SOY IS BAD…IT’S THE GENETIC ENGINEERING! Eat organic and soy is good. By the way…if you are vegan, why are you eating egg?
      Just curious

      • Rosie, evidently you didn’t read my entire comment. I’ve just started eating eggs over the past 4 months and only from my own rescued 3 hens who will never become stew. Otherwise I eat no additional animal products. That’s where the “98% vegan” comes from.
        John, I’ve been eating soy products for 25 years, weigh 110#, have absolutely no medical issues and look like I’m 40 at 55. And I do not have good genes as the majority of my family are either overweight or have medical conditions or both. So I don’t think I’ll be dying from my daily soy consumption.

    • Veg, there is a lot of research out there for and against soy. The problem with the pro-soy research tends to either be a) following the money shows a vested interest in a positive outcome b) they use isolated compounds of the plants.

      My wife is an herbalist and she’s been annoyed many times because a ‘study’ will come out saying that this herb is good for this or that or that an herb is dangerous, when all they did was extract the chemical constituent and test that. That’s what they did to comfrey, a perfectly safe herb in small doses when used as nature intended.

      As for soy not being dangerous, there is a lot of research pointing that this could be possible. It’s a no brainer that soy is bad for you if it’s GMO, but also if it’s unfermented.

      I’d make sure that what you’re reading uses research that is unbiased and up to date. It’s hard, but there’s some out there. You might check out Weston A Price, or if you don’t believe those folks (many vegans I know aren’t keen on them) there are a lot of other places to go for information. Mercola.com is a great source, with documented references. I agree with about 90% of what he does. Great guy.

      I’d say something about veganism, too, but I know I’d lose you there. 🙂

  3. thanks I didn’t know anything about GMO foods ,I will tell everybody I can we need to know more & just think our Government just let it happen, maybe we should take a strong look @ our government officials.

  4. Did anyone mention that soy is estrogenic? It’s not good for women past child bearing age for that reason. Dietary estrogens can cause changes in female repro organs that can lead to cancer.

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