Ken Lang’s Chicken Coop Project

Ken Lang’s Chicken Coop Project

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Hi folks! An awesome guy named Ken Lang contacted me recently and let me know about the brilliant things he’s doing in his back garden. I asked him to write about it and provide plenty of step by step pictures.

“My name is Ken Lang and my wife’s name is Tina. We have been thinking about raising chickens for a long time. Our relatives eventually made up our minds for us. My sister-in-law purchased four Ameraucana chicks for us. Three out of four were killed by predators (coyotes and raccoons) This is when I decided to build a 99.9% predator proof coop. I lost the plan I ordered from John, but here is what I based my coop on. As you can see in the following article, I made a few changes, to fit my needs.”

“I started with 4×6 posts, stapled hardware cloth to it, and added 1×6 to the bottom for strength. Then I dug ditches for two reasons: first to level the floor and second I filled them with concrete to discourage digging.”


“Everything is screwed together to allow for somewhat easy removal. Next, I started the framing.”

“If you look real close, this is where I installed the roost. Also I framed in the place where the nesting boxes will be later installed. (left side) Again, everything is screwed together.

Then, I put the siding and roofing on. We had some scrap cedar siding and some left-over roofing tin. This saved us a lot of money!”

“Then I started on the run. We had some 1’ x 2” lumber left over from a cabinet shop. Did I mention, I am a cabinetmaker? You don’t have to be a cabinetmaker to do this. I made 3’ x 4’ panels from the lumber and hardware cloth, screwed them together with a 1” x 6” backer for strength, and made the run.”

“If you look close at the door, it is on a pulley system that is activated from the outside. There is also a door on the back side. It is double-locked to keep predators out. As you may know, raccoons are very smart and can figure out how to open just about anything.”

“This is our finished coop. I estimate this coop would cost about $375.00 to build if you have to buy all materials, but we had a lot of scrap lumber so we only spent about $250.00.”

“We have since started adding on to the run. We learned that when you get new chickens they have to be acclimated slowly to establish a pecking order.”

“I just added an extra one to what was already there. I cut a hole to match the opening in the left-over cabinet front found in my scrap pile and add a door. This will allow for separation at first, and then you can open the door when the new girls start getting along with the old girls.”

“Just another view. This part only took me a day to complete. The girls love it and it is also 99.9% predator proof. I know this looks nothing like the original plan, but I had to improvise to suit my needs. Almost all dimensions match the plan. That is the beauty of it, you can use John’s plans and suit them to your personal needs. Thanks again John!”


 Ready to start your very own chicken coop project? Just click here to get your hands on my world-famous plans 🙂



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  3. I have been with chickens for 0ver 2 years now, & can’t find a better way to enjoy something. I spent alot of time just siting & watching them. I started with 12, this year I got 24 more, but am down to 20 hens. I have learn a lot from your post & as long as you keep it up I will be reading it, too much good stuff!!!! Thanks for your info….

    Jay Lee
    Dayton, Texas

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